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Attendance and Leave Management

Get a complete picture of absence and attendance for every employee, wherever they are. Global reporting gives you big-picture insights as well as fine detail. Automation and self-service leave requests save valuable time for skilled HR staff.


Make timesheets less time-consuming with user-friendly web-based software.

  • Record start and end time, total time, time by job, or combine multiple measures.
  • Save staff time with timesheeting via the familiar employee portal.
  • Auto-calculate overtime according to different pay codes.
  • Integrate with payroll for a seamless pay process.
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Reporting and analysis

See global, team-based and individual data to help you track attendance and absence.

  • Monitor positive (attendance) and negative (absence) time data.
  • Use custom dashboards to drill down into data and compare different metrics.
  • See team-level views of approved leave, sickness and absence.
  • Identify, manage and report on annual leave and absences for the entire global workforce.
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Vacation and absence planning

Plan ahead and avoid resource crunches while saving time with automated admin.

  • Create team plans to map vacations and plan cover.
  • Manage compensation and benefits for your entire global workforce.
  • Provide self-service vacation scheduling for staff using the employee portal, with automated workflows for approval.
  • Set up annual allocation or ‘accrued as worked’ policies with multiple vacation and absence options.
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