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ROI of HR software: how to calculate

The return on investment is hard to measure in human resources. In other departments, like sales or marketing, the return can more often as not be attributed to something and measured easily. In this data driven age, many consider HR to be a ‘soft’ area of the business because of the lack of quantifiable financial…

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How to communicate company culture

Company culture is a fundamental part of your organisation and getting it right is crucial to your long term success. It tells your staff how to behave, how to treat their jobs and how things are done in your business. Company culture covers your company vision, ethos, values and beliefs. That can be quite hard…

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What is the Bradford Factor?

By Grant Sayer | 23/02/2018 The Bradford Factor is a simple formula that allows companies to apply a relative weighting to employee unplanned absences (sickness, Doctors appointments, emergency childcare, etc). The Bradford Factor supports the principal that repeat absences have a greater operational impact than long term sick. (A weighting is the impact that an…

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Companies are wasting money on benefits employees don’t value

By Kate Fletcher | 18th October 2017 Over a third of employees are productive for less than 30 hours per week Employers plough money into quirky benefits but 53% of employees see office games such as ping-pong a distraction Almost half of employees have never been asked by their employer what makes a positive working…

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