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Payroll, Compensation and Benefits

Manage compensation and benefits for the entire global workforce.



Use integrated knowledge to map salaries to performance, budget and business goals.

  • Manage and allocate salary, HR guidelines and manager recommendations securely.
  • Integrate planning with performance management and salary banding.
  • Streamline salary and bonus approvals globally across the business.
  • Give managers self-service tools to create exploratory and ‘what if’ projections.
  • Integrate multiple payrolls, awards and communications across a global workforce.


Seamless integration with multiple payrolls with all your people information remaining in one place.

  • Sage Business Cloud People is the single system of record for employee data ensuring consistency and accuracy of information across one or more payrolls.
  • Configure Payflow to connect to and manage one or two way batch transfers of data to different payrolls and benefits carriers.
  • Pass gross salary and benefits details to one or multiple payroll systems using Payflow.
  • Create seamless integration with finance and accounting systems to automate the passing of workforce related accruals and reversals to your financial journals and accounts.