The Bradford Factor is a simple formula that allows companies to apply a relative weighting to employee unplanned absences (sickness, Doctors appointments, emergency childcare, etc). The Bradford Factor supports the principal that repeat absences have a greater operational impact than long term sick. (A weighting is the impact that an event will have on the overall running of the normal business. If you give something a larger weighting score, it has a bigger impact).

How Do I calculate the Bradford Factor?

The Bradford factor is calculated using the Bradford Formula S2 x D = B

S is the total number of separate absences by an individual
D is the total number of days of absence of that individual
B is the Bradford Factor score
The Bradford Factor allows managers to monitor absenteeism during any set period. Usually the set period is a running year (last 52 weeks). Exelsys automatically calculates the Bradford Factor for you on the “Summarised Leave Status Report” in the Absence Management Section.

The Bradford Factor is also available in the Alerts and Notifications module and you can easily set up an alert to notify you of all people with a Bradford Factor above a certain level.

How Do I use the Bradford Factor?

Originally developed at the Bradford University School of Management in the early 1980s, the Bradford Factor is used by numerous companies across the globe including Government organisations (UK Prison Service for example). It provides a useful benchmark tool enabling managers to have an assessment score for an indivdual staff absence record. The Bradford Factor does not take into account any specific factors such as disability, or a short term, but recurring illness causing sporadic absenteeism over a period of weeks, but is useful for the early identification of concerns, or as a tracking tool. Many companies utilise the factor score as a trigger guide to implement more comprehensive support and monitoring procedures for individuals. The Bradford Factor can support an effective staff absence management strategy, but is limited if used as a stand alone tool.

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