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Workforce Experience Management

Keep you workforce happy and motivated.

Employee engagement

Keep your workforce connected with regular updates on the things that matter.

  • Reinforce your brand with a configurable self-service portal.
  • Keep connected with staff on the go with secure access on any device, at any location.
  • Provide real-time feedback and call out great work.
  • Improve workforce wellbeing by helping employees manage health and worklife balance, reducing absences and improving productivity.
  • Design better ways of working using pulse surveys and the ability to change or create processes quickly and easily.

Reduce information overload

Streamline communications and avoid information overload with one easy-to-use portal.

  • Help employees access all your time critical videos, social updates and news in one place.
  • Reduce problems by configuring the system to provide staff with the processes, workflows, and information updates.
  • Make it easy for people to find the information they need with self-service access.
Spot Trnds


Make sure everyone is fully in the know about key business updates and company news.

  • Make sure critical daily business communications are received and read.
  • Use surveys to get immediate feedback from staff and identify issues.
  • Deliver information straight to your employees’ mobiles.
  • Instantly connect with team members on mobile devices by simply tapping their phone number.